David Here… Who Am I And Should You Hear Me? Read My Story!

I’m a 23 who started freerunning almost eight years ago, in late 2008. I stumbled upon parkour and freerunning because it offers you the freedom of what you can do with your body and mind.

What I really like about this sport is that you don’t have to follow any strict guidelines; you set the goals and go your own way. With this sport, there are no rules, limits, or boundaries.

But does this matter!?

What really matters here is that… I had a banana penis.

Weird! I know.

Having a curved penis can have both physical and psychological effect on you.

  • Physical because it makes it hard or sometimes impossible for you to have sex.
  • Psychological issues vary from person to person.

In my case, I was ashamed to show my erection to a girl due to the severe down-left curvature.

Here’s how it stared…

I’d talked to a doctor about the issue awhile ago and was told that there wasn’t much that could be done.

“Most guys have a curved dick anyway,” the doctor shrugged as he told me. “I wouldn’t worry about it.”

However, the more I looked at it, the lower my self-confidence got. Something had to be done, because I started making sure the lights were off when having sex!

But I didn’t agree!

As I insisted for options about fixing the curvature of my manhood, my doctor essentially gave me only one option: surgery. Knowing the risks, I wasn’t very keen about the idea of having a surgery.

So I began looking for other ways that could help me solve my problem.

As I searched about it, I discovered that most guys were worried about the size of their manhood, not the shape. But, having a straighter penis was my only concern.

Never give up!

One thing I like the most about parkour is that it gave me the opportunity to do something I love i.e. traveling the world, meeting new people, and making new friends.

But, my psychological issue didn’t allow me to form a solid relationship because I was afraid how my odd penis would look like to other people (girls). I was certain I would be laughed out of the bedroom when they see my twisted rod.

The freerunning has the power to change your mind.

For some individuals, it is speed, for others it’s acrobatic prowess. But I have always been concerned about freedom, the freedom of what you can do with your body.

I didn’t want to live with a weird manhood

That’s why I started looking for solutions to my penis curvature problem 5 years ago. And because of all the reading, I became somewhat of an expert in the subject.

The first solution I found during my research was a surgical method called “The Nesbit procedure”.
You may have heard about it.

In this method, the doctor shortens the long side of your penis in order to make it equal in length to its short side. The outcome is not good because not only does your penis become half an inch short in average, you may also lose the possibility of sensation in the forehead of your penis.

Another solution I found is called Jelqing.

It is a penis exercise that is supposed to help with the curvature issue. It seemed healthy and safe to me, so I started doing 3 twenty-minutes sessions of this exercise on regular basis. I regularly performed this exercise for a couple of months but didn’t get any results.

I didn’t give up and ordered the Phallosan; where you use a vacuum suction cup while wrapping an elastic belt around your waist to hold your penis in position. After 4 months, they were in my trashcan because they didn’t help me at all despite my daily usage.

But I didn’t stop there, thought!

Freerunning community attracts supporting, kind, and overall fun individuals. It is one of the things about this sport that I like the most.

Lucky, I found that almost half of men all over the world have this same curvature problem. But best of all I was told that there is a solution and it does not require any surgery, medications, or other odd things you wouldn’t want to try.

That’s when I found out about the SizeGenetics

The description of the problems that this product could solve matched up with the issues I’d been having my entire life. I knew that I had to give it a try, so that’s what I did!

Although I’m not there yet where I want to be, but my dick looks better than it ever has before!

That’s why I wanted to share this with you in case you have had a similar banana, curved or bent dick problem.

I can testify that this works if you are willing to give it a chance!

Is it for you?

Well, one of the things I have learned as a freerider is that when you follow your dreams, there are no limits or boundaries. It is my wish that everyone in the world could experience the joy of true freedom that I’m now experiencing. The freedom to do what you like, when you want it with a person you love.

Can you live with a curved penis?


Can you be straightening it out?

Yes, if you want to.

Should you do it?

It’s up to you. I did it and it changed my sexual life for good.

Is it easy?

Yes, but it takes some time.

The SizeGenetics is very comfortable to wear, thought, even for hours.

You know you are wearing it right when you feel some pressure on the spot where your penis curvature is, but it’s not a painful pressure; more like the feeling when someone is gripping you tightly, but compassionately.

In conclusion, I hope everyone with a curved penis issue finds this site and read about my discoveries so that they can decide on which solutions they want to go for.

That’s all.

I would really like to know your thoughts on this and would definitely love it if you share your success stories about how you’re straightening your penis.

Thanks to Bob who helped me with this website!


David M.

Disclaimer: If you are thinking to purchase the SizeGenetics but have questions make sure you mention this site on live chat while asking your questions and you might be able to get a premium support. I might get a compensation from the sale but calm down because the price you pay will not be affected on your end and everything will be forwarded to my friend Bob, without whom this website wouldn’t be here, and of course a great amount of this will go to support the growing freeriding community as well.