What is a Bent Penis and How to Fix It?

There’s nothing more embarrassing for a guy than having a bent penis that just doesn’t look right. For some guys, the problem can be more than just emotionally painful – it can be physically excruciating!

bent penis frustrationImagine having an erection, but your big hard dick is bent at an odd angle. 😲

This is the pain that many guys face every day!

The good news is that a bent penis is easy to fix.

You can straighten your dick fast and easy but first let see why it bends.

Why Is My Penis Bent so Badly?

Do you ask yourself this question every time you see your dick in the mirror?

It might be a natural development, but it could be something more serious like Peyronies Disease. 😲

  • For some guys, having a bent penis is actually considered a natural variation. Most guys actually have some curvature to their dick in some way. This can be fixed fast & easy at home.
  • Suffering from Peyronies Disease is not good. It can be painful and, in most of cases, it can even worsen over the time if you don’t take action now. It may take more time to heal the plague that causes your penis to bent so you’d better start sooner than later.

peyronies diseaseIn many instances of PD, the penis curves badly because of the pressure that is placed on the tissues of your dick from the plaque and scar tissue.

These tissues are heavier than the regular tissues that extend and retract.

Because of this added weight, they interfere with the normal cell interactions that occur within the dick.

Over time, this pressure causes the penis to bend upwards or the the side, sometimes dramatically depending on the amount of weight that is placed on them.

As a secondary result of this added weight, the cells within the tissues of your penis will begin to divide at different rates. What does this do? It enhances the curvature of your penis!

If you can stretch out your bent dick and make it straight without pain it is the time time to act now.

If there is a pain though, you’d better go and visit a doctor ASAP.

What Causes a Scar Tissue to Develop?

Most doctors believe it has something to do with an injury that occurs to the penis in some way. It could be from rogue sex, from an impact injury, or from something completely unnoticeable that a guy doesn’t even realize an injury has occurred.

A bent penis to the side is caused by the same issues that causes a penis to be curved upward. It all depends on the location of the development of thicker tissue on your dick.

The difference with a curvature to the side rather than up or even down is that sexual penetration is easier to accomplish unless the curvature is very dramatic.

Many guys can adapt to this and aren’t bothered by it, but for those who are, stretching out the dick can help with this issue as well. Light, gentle traction can help to encourage normal cell development and over time that will fix it and can straighter your dick.

I Do NOT Have Scar Tissue! Why is My Penis Bent?

what-is-inside-your-penisGood news!

You have a natural development that is easy to fix!

Your dick is made up of three separate chambers.

A weakness in the skin tissues of the Corpora Cavernosa can cause the penis to bend at the weak area.

If the Corpus Spongiosum is elongated and takes up more than one-third of your dick, this can also cause a bent penis.

Natural Bent Penis Pictures

naturally bent penis

Peyronies Disease Pictures

bent penis caused by peyronies

How To Fix a Bent Penis Quickly

When you’ve got a bent dick, it can be difficult to even have intercourse.

Instead of living with this condition, however, you can begin to do something about it!

If you know that your penis is curved and that it’s causing you problems, then there’s no reason to wait.

Why settle for a mediocre sex life?

As we discussed before, there are a few ways to straighten a bent penis. Some of them are better than others, but the one that you choose will of course depend on your situation and budget:
bent penis surgery

  • Surgery

Needless to say, surgery is the most expensive method, and it’s also the most risky.

Having surgery to straighten your penis can make it shorter and can even cause erectile dysfunction in certain cases. Others might experience loss of sensation and other sexual problems.

The penis is a delicate organ with lots of nerves, so you have to be careful about this sort of thing.
penis injections

  • Injections

Nobody likes getting shots, but imagine having to have a needle jabbed into your penis!

Though it’s not as expensive as surgery, it’s still a medical procedure, so it can be pretty expensive.

Also, the results aren’t as reliable and it can sometimes cause scarring that bends the penis in another direction. What’s the point of that if you’re trying to get rid of a bend in the first place?

bent penis exercises

  • Penis Exercises

Exercising your bent penis can actually work over the long term—but that’s the key word: the long term.

You have to wait months or years to see results, and meanwhile the exercises themselves can be long and tedious.

Chances are, you’ll get distracted halfway through a session and just start masturbating. There’s also the risk of overdoing it and stretching your penis too much…so that it bends in another direction! Is this what you want? Probably not.

bent penis streteching

  • Penis Traction

Finally, there’s traction.

This is the BEST way to permanently, effectively, and safely straighten your penis.

It’s also safer than nearly any other method, and it’s the least expensive. You might think that exercises are “cheaper,” but they’re not if you value your time.

With a traction device, you can just set it up and forget about it for the rest of the day while it automatically stretches your penis into the ideal position—and it always works.

Should You Straighten Your Bent Penis?

If your dick is slightly bent, don’t worry – that’s actually normal. It is more rare to have a perfectly straight penis than it is to have one that is slightly curved. It may only be noticeable when fully erect. If there is no pain or discomfort during an erection with a slight curvature and you’re not having any problems with intercourse, then you don’t need to take any corrective actions at all.

If you do have pain associated with the curvature, then there is a good chance that you’ve developed Peyronie’s Disease. No one really knows why this disease develops, but there’s good news – with regular treatment, a curvature can be reduced or eliminated in as little as 6 weeks. Only a doctor can diagnose Peyronie’s Disease, so be sure to book an appointment right away if you have pain.

If you really want to straighten your bent penis because of pain or the way its looks it is time to begin treating it because it is more likely to continue curving. If you want to know how to fix your curved penis quickly, then take action now, find a good penis stretcher, and get to work!

happy couple have sex
Having a bent penis can make it hard to have sex. It can make it hard to try different positions.

It can even hurt your partner.

With a straight penis, though, you can try all sorts of sex positions, and girls often like the way it looks and feels.