Do NOT Masturbate Before You Read This!

  • Doesn’t every guy on earth already know how to masturbate?
  • Isn’t it something that just comes naturally to people?

Yes, of course, most men don’t even need to think twice about it. They utilize the best masturbation techniques for men every time and never even realize that there are wrong ways to do it…

WARNING! Some Masturbation Techniques Can Cause a Bent Penis and Peyronie’s Disease

Chances are, you’ve got a curved dick because you did it wrong!

masturbation can cause bent penis
You MUST Read This Article to The End to Learn
How To Masturbate Correctly to Protect Your Cock From Damage!

Be honest here!

  • Do you bend your dick when you jerk off?
  • Do you jerk off with only the same hand every time?

I’ve got crazy when I realized how many guys do weird things to their dicks and might not notice the damage that they’re doing until years down the road.

They’ll yank on it, bend it and twist it during masturbation. Some guys try to squeeze their penises into holes that are too tight. I know a man who actually broke his penis, too!

I am speechless…

There’s no end to the weird things some men do with their manhoods.

They do all of this in an effort to increase pleasure, but what they don’t realize is that this abuse can cause damage that will bend or curve their penises years down the line.

Worse still, even if you don’t break your penis, you may still end up with a curvedbent or banana penis.

If you want to protect your cock from damage, just keep this one rule in mind:

No matter what, keep your penis STRAIGHT when you masturbate.

You can damage your penis if you try to bend it in an erect state. Your penis is meant to be a certain shape when it’s hard, and if you try to mess with that during an erection, you could permanently injure it.

How Can Masturbation Cause Peyronie’s Disease?

peyronies diagram

Peyronie’s disease can sometimes be caused by masturbating the wrong way.

If you try to bend your penis when you’re jerking off, it can injure the tissues inside of it. When those injuries heal, they can scar up, and that scar tissue can get thicker and harder as you get older, depending on your genetics.

Sometimes even 10-15 years later, you can get Peyronies disease. This is when the scar tissue has bent your penis so that it becomes erect at a BAD angle.

…and ruin your sex life.

Don’t worry too much, though. Just avoid bending your penis when you play with it, and you won’t hurt it or cause Peyronies disease by just touching yourself.

However, the real problem is that you might be bending it WITHOUT REALIZING.

If you stroke every time with the same hand, and you’re always yanking your penis to the same side, it can bend your penis slowly.

This will not bend it in a day, or even a week. As time goes by, though, it can damage your penis and this damage can accumulate.

You may not be able to see it at first, but these tears and eventual scars can add up quickly over the time.

penis curved to the rightBefore you know it, your penis could get curved to the side (the most annoying curvature) because of your WRONG masturbation technique.

How is this possible?

When you’re pulling it left or right constantly, you might stretch one side of it and cause it to develop micro tears (internal damage) and you’ll end up with a curved erection.

Beware: The harder you bend it, the more severe the curve can become.

Besides physically breaking your penis (which is rare), the ultimate nightmare of aggressive masturbation is when you develop Peyronies disease.

PD happens years later, though, so you might not even put two and two together and realize that they’re connected. As you age and your body goes through changes, the microscopic scars can harden or thicken, and they won’t be as stretchy when you get erect.  That scar tissue will then interfere with your erection and make it bend to one side or another. If you have scar tissue in more than one place, it can even make your penis bend in more than one part of the shaft.

And having a curved erection is not only a cosmetic issue as you know.

With a bend in your dick, it is more difficult to have sex, and it can sometimes even be painful.

Having to deal with a bent penis can ruin your sex life and even injure your partner.

You know what, though? Don’t Quit Masturbating!

Instead, learn the best masturbation technique for men!

It’s not only safer, it is more pleasurable.

The best way to feel good about yourself is to make yourself feel good.

Masturbation can be healthy when done the right way, so I’m not going to tell you to stop doing it.

For most guys, especially those who don’t have regular partners, pleasure oneself allows you to regenerate your sperm and to relieve stress. Just do it the right way, especially if you already have penis curvature and are in the process of making your penis straighter—you don’t want to do things that will increase your curvature or make it harder to fix the curve that you have, right?

If no one told you how to play with yourself when you were young, you might have accidentally torn tissue in one (or both) of your corpora cavernosa (the chambers that make your penis erect). Those tears turned into small scars as they healed, and you can develop Peyronie’s Disease.

How Do You Masturbate the Right Way?

Just follow the most important rule: Don’t bend your penis. Keep it straight the whole time. Move your hand (or sex toy) up and down in a straight line and don’t pull towards the side or in any unnatural angle.

Extra tip: Don’t go crazy or get too rough. That’s a recipe for breaking your penis.

If your penis already has a bend in it, though, you may be reading this information too late. It’s still better for you to know why your penis is bent than to live with a mystery, though. You can also keep your penis from getting worse if you simply become more mindful of the way you masturbate.

The Best Sex Toy for Safe Male Masturbation

fleshlightIf you read everything above, then you should know what to do and what not to do.

A great way to put that into practice is to get a good sex toy that can give you tons of new pleasure safely.

Note: not every person finds sex toys appealing, but they can be must have, especially if you don’t have sex regularly.

One of the best sex toys out there is the Fleshlight.

It’s a great twist on the classic masturbation sleeve and it feels incredible. Chances are, you’ve probably heard of it already because it’s an extremely popular toy.

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But best of all:

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If you want to last longer in bed, jerk off safely and effectively, and give yourself some of the best orgasms of your life, then get a Fleshlight — seriously.

If your penis is curved, it is especially critical to find a safe way to masturbate, and a Fleshlight is a great way to make sure that your curvature won’t get worse while still getting the pleasure that you need.


My last word to you is:

  • If you like to masturbate, then please do yourself a favor and get the Fleshlight.
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Some people say that men who jerk off a lot can’t enjoy the real thing—but that’s not true.

What most people don’t realize is that the masturbation is the best teacher when it comes to real-world sex. You get to know your body and you learn to take control over your ejaculation, so that you can more easily avoid those moments of “What happened !?? Did you cum!?!?”

Instead, you can give your girl good sex, the kind that she needs to orgasm.

Girls usually need more time to finish, as opposed to a horny man (with higher testosterone levels) who can cum too quickly and disappoint even a girl who is really into him.

great sex lifeAlways keep this in mind: Men who can give women MIND-BLOWING, AMAZING sex are rare.

These sex gods always last longer than average.

Even if the sex is incredible, women need time to reach orgasm.

In fact, the Fleshlight stamina training unit can change everything about how she’ll feel about you and how she treats you after wild, amazing sex.

Make no mistake about it: Once you’re able to have long, marathon sessions of amazing sex with your girl, everything about your relationship will change. Everything. If you give her the right kind of sex, she’ll barely care about your penis size or curvature—that’s a fact.

Whether or not you have a curved penis, the Fleshlight will help you get better when it comes to good sex.

It is not cheap, but is the best.