Penis Stretching That Can Heal

A lot of guys focus on penis stretching because it is one of the few proven ways to create a larger dick. Increases in penile girth and length can lead to harder erections, better orgasms, and increased sexual performance. For other guys, stretching the penis is literally a life-saving measure! It’s because stretching can help to reduce the curvature of a dick, straightening it out to improve sexual performance.

How Does Penis Stretching Work?

stretch curved penis
There are a number of ways to stretch the penis to get desired results. Some of them utilize equipment, while others involve your bare hands! Here are some of the top methods that are employed today to create a good looking dick:

  • Traction: By wearing an assistive device, guys can get light, consistent pressure on their dick throughout the day to encourage a reduction in curvature. Traction helps a guy’s body straighten the dick out naturally by stretching the tissues that are tightening up and causing the penis to curve. Most guys begin to see results in a couple weeks, while some guys can experience complete relief beginning around the 6 week mark.
  • Jelqing: Jelqing provides the same results as traction does, but it is accomplished without the assistive device. It is a manual stretching technique where you utilize your hand to gently provide stroking pressure on your curved dick. Over time, the stretching allows the body to slowly reverse the curvature to a more natural appearance.
  • Weights: One of the traditional forms of penis stretching happens with the introduction of light weights that are attached to your dick. You’d let these weights hang down from your dick, increasing the weight over time as your dick begins to straighten out.
  • Pumps: Through the use of a vacuum, it is also possible to stretch out the penis so that it begins to straighten out. This works by bringing large amounts of blood into the penis so that it will be forced into a straightened position.

Which Form of Penis Stretching Is the Best To Use?

A lot of this depends on what your daily responsibilities happen to be.

Are you going to go to your job without pants on with a weight dangling from your dick?
Do you have time to manually stretch your dick daily?

For a lot of guys, the most effective method is by using a traction device. These devices can be worn throughout the day, can even be worn at night, and don’t interfere with life at all. You can even wear them under your pants!

The longer you wait to start your stretching, the greater the chance that the curvature of your dick is going to become greater. Why wait when you could get started right now on the process of straightening your dick and potentially improve your performance in the bedroom? Choose the correct method of penis stretching today so that you begin your journey toward the dick you want to have right now!