What is The Perfect Penis Size and Shape?

Hmm…can anybody answer this question?

I’m sure if you ask 10 women, you’ll get 15 different answers.

wow-perfect-penisJust go to a sex shop and see how many different dildos are for sale, and you’ll realize soon enough that there is no ideal penis size and shape.

And what works for a woman today won’t necessarily work for her tomorrow.

Many women like thicker penises because they stimulate the internal part of the clitoris, while some prefer longer ones that make them feel full.

Some would say that a big and straight dick that can reach deep inside the vagina is the perfect one, while others opt for curved dicks that hit the G-spot better. Of course, there are also women who don’t care either way as long as you give them mind-blowing orgasms.

sexual intercourse g spot simulationBut first let’s see what creates pleasure for women during sex and why their preferences vary so much.

A lot of what goes into the female orgasm requires just a bit of knowledge in anatomy.

clitoris anatomyYou probably already know that a woman’s clitoris is essential to orgasm, but did you also know that most of the clitoris is internal?

Inside the woman’s body, it splits into two “legs” that wrap around the vagina. This means that a thicker penis is often able to give more pleasure by stimulating it better from the inside.

But the thing is that the walls of a vagina aren’t that sensitive compared to the clitoris, so lots of women can’t have orgasms from vaginal stimulation alone.

You have to hit the most sensitive area inside — the G Spot, located 2–3″ on the upper inside of her vaginal canal — if you really want to drive her crazy.

What Do Women Truly Want?

A thick penis? Or a thin penis? Long or short?
What about a healthy penis?

woman-strong-orgasmNo friend! Women want good sex.

They want…

  • Orgasms.
  • Lots of them.
  • The more intense the better.

Don’t believe the hype that guys want sex more often than girls.

The old myth of women constantly getting headaches is WRONG!

I think those are just excuses by men who can’t make a woman happy in bed.

normal penisThe truth is that women vary in what they enjoy.

Your task is to deliver what she wants now and to be able to give her variety. Even if you are good as God in a certain sex position, you can’t repeat it every single time unless you want to bore her to death.

Truth be told, there is no perfect penis size or shape.

See, while some women like straight penises, there are many who like it to be slightly curved as they offer an advantage in certain situations.

One way to bring a woman to orgasm is to stimulate her G-spot, and having an upward curve to your penis can make this easier to do during the traditional “missionary position.” For other positions, such as doggy style, a downward curve might be useful.

What about size? Is bigger always better?

It is not.

While there are women who want to get filled to capacity others may find having sex with a man with a large penis painful and overwhelming, so they prefer smaller ones.

In fact…

ideal penis size varyOf course there are those who don’t care that much either way as long as you are giving them powerful orgasms! If you still believe that women are picky about this, then consider visiting a sex shop. In no time at all, you’ll notice the huge variety of fake penises available.

There are large ones, small ones, curved ones, straight ones, crooked ones, and even ones that hardly look like penises at all.

So, as long as you hit all the right spots, it really doesn’t matter from the perspective of most women.

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