Peyronie’s Disease: Recognize the Symptoms with Pictures & Treatment

One of the worst problems a guy can face with his manhood is Peyronie’s Disease. Even though it isn’t life threatening, it has the ability to rob a man of his manhood!

Having PD, as opposed to natural penis curvature, is not only a cosmetic issue.

Severe cases of Peyronie’s Disease can cause you a lot of pain both physically and emotionally, which can make it difficult to urinate and next to impossible to have (good) sex.

The end result can be really embarrassing and sometimes painful.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

curved penis or peyronie's disease

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition where scar tissue forms under the skin of your penis or in the Corpus Cavernosa.

The Corpus Cavernosa are the two spongy chambers that fill with blood and make your penis erect when you are aroused.

Since this scar tissue is not as flexible or elastic as the rest of your penis, it can make your penis bend when you’re erect.

This can not only look strange, but it can also be painful. (Mayo Clinic, 2017)

What Causes Peyronie’s Disease?

No one actually knows what exactly causes Peyronie’s Disease to develop. It typically affects men who are older, but it can strike guys at any age.

You can even be born with it!

What happens is that the scarring leading to the bending of the penis is due to repeated damage (rogue sex, aggressive masturbation or even pressing your boner under elastic underwear) to blood vessels causing leakage of the blood to areas not normally in contact with blood.
peyronie's disease explained
This triggers an immune response leading to scarring.

What you should be aware of is that it takes time to develop PD:

  • for example if you bend your erect penis while masturbating too often this creates invisible micro scars inside penis shaft which alone are not dangerous but they adds up
  • every time new tears are formed and the scar tissue grows getting bigger and less elastic.

The end result is a fibrous scar inside your shaft does not expand properly during erection and causes your erect penis to bend.

It’s not really a big deal if you have a curved penis. Everyone is different, and every penis has a different size or shape. However, PD can turn into a real problem because it can make sex difficult or impossible. Not to mention the stress and anxiety when you find yourself difficult to get and stay hard because of it.

Who Gets Peyronie’s Disease?

For most guys, their penises either points directly forward or slightly upwards when they’re hard. As they age, some guys notice that their penises start curving or bending, though.

Peyronie’s has been considered a rare condition in the past. It appears to affect about 0.5% of men in general, and about 5% of men over 50 years old. (Wright, 2017)

However, in reality the numbers are probably a lot higher than this.

According to recent studies, people with Peyronie’s may simply not know that they have it and their doctors may similarly be too clueless to diagnose it. These recent investigations into the issue show that Peyronie’s may actually affect as many as 11 to 13% of men, and that 1/3 of these men might have sexual problems because of their PD. (Dana Britt DiBenedetti, 2011) (Mark Stuntz, 2016)

Do You Have Peyronie’s Disease? – The Symptoms

Though only a doctor can diagnose you, the first step in taking precautions is to do a self check on your penis. Feel up and down your shaft while you’re flaccid and see if you can find any unusual scar tissue. This will feel either like a flat lump or a band of hard tissue.

Peyronie’s Disease Pictures

peyronie's disease pictures from different angles

You can also look carefully at your erect penis and see if there is severe curvature (angle greater than 30 degrees). Another approach you might want to take is to measure your penis every few weeks and compare any changes in size. PD can sometimes shorten your penis.

Pain during erections is not normal. If you have any pain, then see a doctor as soon as possible.

Peronie’s Disease vs. Natural Penis Curvature

Just because your penis is a little bit curved doesn’t mean you have PD.

People vary a lot in the way they look, and this includes their penises. Having some curvature is just as normal as having a straight penis. Think of it this way: most people have one arm that is more muscular than the other, since it’s the more dominant one. Some people have crooked ears or noses. The same can happen with a penis. This is called congenital curvature, meaning you are born with it.

Sometimes the curvature happens because of genetics, and we can’t help that. Other times, it’s because of our habits. For instance, some guys pack their junk into the same side of their tight underwear every day. This can eventually make your penis “lean” to that side, even when you’re naked.

aggresive masturbation penis deformationYou can also cause penis curvature if you masturbate at an angle with the same hand all the time.

Natural (Congenital) Penis Curvature Pictures


If your penis is a bit curved, don’t worry about it. This doesn’t mean you have a disease.

In fact, having a curved penis can be an advantage in some sex positions.

However, if your penis is bent, then this is another story. In cases like these, your penis changes its direction abruptly along the shaft or at the base and you will be able to feel scar tissue under the skin. This is Peyronie’s disease, which is a more serious condition, since it can be painful and embarrassing. Sometimes severe PD can even make sex impossible.

treatment of peyronies disease
The good news is that you can straighten your curved or bent penis fairly easily and safely at home using a traction device (continue reading…)

Can a Bent Penis be Cured Without Surgery?

First thing’s first. Let’s make it very clear from the beginning:

PD is not actually a disease, but rather a condition.

Doctors tend to call it a disease because in most situations it gets worse over time and sometimes the sufferer will end up not even being able to have sex. Impotency really is a disease, so you could say that PD leads to other sexual health problems.

What you need to know is that PD can be fixed. Doctors recommend four main treatments:

  1. Do nothing or what they call it ‘wait and see’ (Mayo Clinic, 2017) This approach seems to be effective in about 13% of cases. For most people, it either gets worse (40 to 50%), or it stays the same (Gelbard MK, 1990). This might be because PD tends to get worse before it reaches a plateau and then stays the same, with some rare cases showing improvement on their own.
  1. Medications – At present, there is a drug authorized by the FDA, in the United States, for treatment of Peyronie’s: collagenase Clostridium histolyticum (trade name Xiaflex). This drug is approved for cases where the bending of the erect penis exceeds 30 degrees and where there is a noticeable scarring of the penis below the skin. Beware the treatment is not effective in all cases and has some significant side effects.

Vitamin E has been used in the past with Peyronie’s but more recent studies show that this dietary supplement is not an effective treatment on its own. However, in combination with penis stretching, it can speed up the treatment progress because it can soften the hardened tissue so that it can stretch more easily.

  1. Surgery – is possible; however, experts commonly regard such intervention as being a last resort and only suggested in the most severe cases. The most common surgical treatment is called Nesbitt’s procedure. Corrective surgery can correct the bending but at the cost of a shortening of the erect penis. (Irfan Halim (editor), 2008)
  1. Penis Stretching – traction devices work by stretching the penile tissues slowly to the point where it gets microscopic tears like those that caused your PD but now we control the process. penis-stretching-treatment-of-peyronies-diseaseThe idea is that new, healthier cells are formed when your penis mends itself.Since one side of your penis will be experiencing more tension, more new cells will form on that side of the penis, which makes it longer. After repeating this process and stretching both sides of the penis until they are the same length your penis will no longer bend.

Do You Need to See a Doctor if Your Penis is Bent?

Talking to anyone about your penis can be extremely embarrassing, especially if you have to discuss sexual problems. Because of this, many guys don’t want to talk to their doctor and instead would rather suffer in silence, even if it can cost them their physical or mental health.

Just as we explained, there is a difference between a natural curve in your penis and PD.

PD is progressive.

The sooner a doctor diagnoses your condition, the sooner you can fix it or keep it from getting worse.

If you notice any changes in the way your penis looks or functions, you should see your doctor immediately and maybe even seek a referral for a urologist. A man needs to be as informed as possible about the health of his penis before he can make a wise choice on how to address this problem.

Can I Have Sex if I have Peyronie’s?

For most guys, sex is still possible with Peyronie’s disease. As long as the curve in your penis isn’t so severe that it makes it hard to penetrate, you can take steps to make sex easier and more enjoyable.

“If somebody has a 10-degree curvature, it will have little impact on function. But when you get to 30 degrees or more, that’s when it starts to become significant,” says Ryan Berglund, MD. Berglund is an assistant professor of surgery at the Cleveland Clinic’s Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute.

cautionThe real problem for men with PD comes when having an erection is painful, so they get into the habit of avoiding sex. This can result in psychological erectile dysfunction. Also, if the angle is big enough, sex can be physically impossible.

The thing is that PD can be fixed easily, so why would you risk making your condition worse when you can treat it at home? “When healing is complete, pain always goes away,” Montague says.

Sex Tips / Advice for Men With PD

Sex with a severely curved manhood can be tricky, but it’s not the end of the world.

When I realized that my GP actually couldn’t do much for me, I had no other option but to find a way to live with it. Luckily, my dick is almost straight now thanks to the treatment I followed. Before that, though, I had to find ways to have sex—good sex. I’m grateful to Anna, whose words I will never forget:

“No matter what direction it bends, there will always be a position that’ll hit that G spot like fucking magic. A straighter penis has to be more creative,” Anna said. (Thank you!)

So before you avoid sex, try these simple sex tips and tricks for men with PD:

  • Take advantage of your curvature. You might find that your unique shape helps you satisfy women in ways men with straighter dicks can’t! Because of your curvature, you might be able to reach her G spot better, which is about 4 inches (10 cm) deep in her vagina. Look at women’s sex toys and notice how they have strange shapes that are designed to hit the right spot. If you make the right moves, you can be a human sex toy!
  • Take care to reduce your discomfort. When having sex, use positions that won’t strain you or your penis. If you combine this caution with the advice above, you might find yourself becoming very popular with the ladies—while still taking care of your own sexual needs.
  • Remember that your penis is not the most important sexual organ! There are countless ways to please a woman and please yourself, but the most important sex organ is your brain. If you see Peryronie’s disease as a handicap and you over-focus on your penis, then you’ll have problems. Instead, look on the bright side and use your imagination to see your “problem” as a bonus! Let it enhance your sex life instead of drag it down.

Should You Treat PD? Is There a Risk If It is Not Treated?

The more important question is:

  • Do you want to live with Peyronie’s disease for the rest of your life?
  • Do you want to watch it get worse?

straighten and extend curved penisThere are several treatments for PD, as we’ve discussed before, but one of the things that you can do to improve your situation NOW is to get your hands on a natural treatment that you can do at home, like a traction device.

Sure, a man can still live and even have sex with PD. It’s not really a disease, but more like a condition, after all. However, life can be easier with a nice-looking, straight dick, right?

The real problem with PD is not the sexual part of it, since—as I already told you—you can learn to take advantage of your penis shape.

The real problem is the pain and embarrassment that comes with PD.

And remember that in most cases, it won’t get better. It will just get worse until it plateaus.

What To Do:

Surgery is often considered an option to correct Peyronie’s disease, but a common side effect of the surgery is that it can make your penis shorter. Stretching your penis with a traction device, on the other hand, doesn’t make your penis shorter and can in fact make your manhood longer while it straightens it.

Injections and medications do not have a good reputation in the medical community, since they have such a low success rate (in addition to a long list of side effects).

If you suspect that you might have Peyronie’s Disease, make an appointment with your doctor so that any other causes of your symptoms can be eliminated. From there, take steps to treat the problem based on your unique curvature. In particular, using penis stretching can give you good results in the long run, so that you can have your confidence restored!